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Who We Are

Randag, Inc is a family-owned and operated company celebrating their 37th year of operation.  In 1985, armed with 25 years of experience in manufacturing and packaging, John Randag began partnering with packers and manufacturers in the Chicagoland area in order to provide customer with the best solutions and services needed to meet their requirements and objectives.

Our core competency has not changed.  We continuously qualify and identify the best contract manufacturers, packagers, and suppliers to meet our customer requirements


In the last decade, the scope of our service has widened. Per customer preferences, we co-manage any/all facets of the projects.  For example, Randag Inc will:

  • Identify and develop project specifications.

  • Secure and compare quotations from our candidate packers and component suppliers.

  • Stock film, jars, caps, shippers and other components to reduce lead times.

  • Purchase all items not in stock or supplied by the customer or packers.

  • Process and monitor customer orders via daily communication with our vendors to ensure timely delivery of finished products. 

  • Keep customers up-to-date on the current status of their order and its estimated production or have-ready dates.

  • Provide customers with shipment specifications when their order is ready for pock up.

  • Provide customers and vendors with any/all food safety and shipping documentation.

We partner with over 30 vendors in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.  All of our food packers and processors are SQF, Merieux (formerly Siliker) or BRC certified.

 Manufacturer/Packer Certifications

  • Safe Quality Food (SQF)

  • Mérieux NutriSciences (formerly Sillker)

  • BRC and/or FSCC 22000

  • Most can arrange for Kosher, Organic, non-GMO, and/or Gluten-Free certifications